🎉 Giveaway: Funko Pop! Iron Man 🎉

Pasadena, TX
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I'm moving this month and in the process of packing I've discovered a handful of things I either have duplicates of, don't have space for, or no longer want. For the next few months I'll be giving away these items to you guys!

Simply comment below with a number from 1 to 1000 and in two weeks (4/7/16) I'll announce the winner by picking a number at random using a number generator online. (In the event the same number is chosen more than once the person who commented the number first wins). This applies to US residents only.

This month's item is:

✨ Funko Pop! Iron Man ✨

*NOTE: this item does not come with a box, simply the Pop itself.

Happy collecting!

Ant 🌴

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579 3 11


Pasadena, TX


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