Jones Beach Rocks Wrapped With Love

2818 Beltagh Ave Hempstead, NY
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Uniquely silver wrapped hand picked rock at Jones Beach, Long Island. I originally made these to give to my rock worthy friends. I have seen nothing like it on the Internet and now I sell them and donate some of the money to have meals delivered to cancer patients. The card, and the rope is available in many colors and I can personalize the message in memory of someone who rocks. Great stocking stuffer's special prices on multiple orders for favors for a party. You rock!#rockjewelry#jonesbeach#makeadifference #unique


No this is brand-new. I originally made them to give to special friends and then realize I can help raise money to have meals delivered this is my first attempt at selling them besides my Facebook page and to a few people in person


Do you sell in stores too?

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2818 Beltagh Ave
Hempstead, NY


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