Magic: Ice Age Cycle Book 1, The Gathering Dark (1999 Novel)

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The Gathering Dark by Jeff Grubb. Book 1 of the Ice Age Cycle from the Magic: The Gathering novels, circa 1999.

Plot: After the war comes the darkness

Terisiare lies in ruins. Nations have fallen, goblins raid the land, and an oppressive faith throttles the city-states. Now deep within the walls of the Conclave of Mages, Jodah must decide if unlocking his own immense power is worth taking a step into the dark lands.

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@pabloz I used to play. Loved it. Lost my collection in a flood years ago & haven't had the heart to start again­čśą


I've always wanted to play the card game lol


@j_burris I remember enjoying ALL the Magic books that I read back then:)


How do you like it?

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