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Prepare to be destroyed! The next 7-inch-scale Marvel Select action figure is the Destroyer, the massive Asgardian automaton that regularly menaces the Mighty Thor! Measuring approximately 9 inches tall with 16 points of articulation, this spiked powerhouse comes with the powerful Odinsword, as well as an interchangeable head, revealing the one-eyed face of the All-Father, Odin, from the times he has worn the armor in battle! Whether you choose to display him as the Destroyer or as Odin, hes more than a match for your Marvel Select Thor, or Hulk, or even Juggernaut! Packaged in the display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean!


Odin, Zeus, and Brahma, known as the Skyfathers of their respective god Pantheon, confronted the Celestials on their third visit (or Host) to Earth. The Celestials explained that their next visit would judge whether humanity was fit to continue existing and that the gods should not interfere. They threatened to seal off the dimensional pathways that link Earth to the various realms such as Asgard and Olympus. Not wanting to lose their worshipers, the Skyfathers secretly began plans to stop them. Odin created a mystic armor that could contain vast amounts of the Gods' energies in order to battle the Celestials. He used an unknown metal apparently superior to Uru and enchanted it with his magic, strengthening it further.

The armor was stored away in the Temple of Darkness, but it was found by Loki, who sought to use it against Thor.[1] Seeing how the Destroyer was indiscriminate in what it attacks, and fearing the safety of Asgard (and therefore his own), Loki had Karnilla awaken Odin from his Odinsleep. Odin collapsed the Temple, seemingly burying the Destroyer in the rubble.[2]

It was reactivated by Loki to attack a tournament held in Asgard to determine the strongest Asgardian[3] and then by Karnilla who tricked Sif into putting her soul into the armor to aid Thor in a fight against the Wrecker. Karnilla removed Sif's soul from the armor when Balder promised to fight Ulik on her behalf. Odin then took the armor into his custody.[4]

It was found once more by Professor Clement Holmes, who reactivated the armor by unintentionally sacrificing his life energy to it. It was defeated by Thor and Hercules and the soul of Holmes returned to his body.[5] The armor then became a herald to Galactus as a replacement for Firelord.[6] In this role, it discovered the existence of Counter-Earth and was opposed by the Fantastic Four and the High Evolutionary.[7]

Thor later used the Destroyer to threaten Hela into undoing a curse she placed on him. His body was restored and the armor was encased until it was needed.

When the Celestials returned, Odin absorbed the other Asgardians (save for an absent Thor) and then entered the armor. The Eternals formed the Uni-Mind and also sought to fight for humanity. The Celestials determined Earth's fate in an area sealed by a dome. The Destroyer had sliced through and the confrontation ensued. The Destroyer was able to harm the Celestials, but the beings quickly repaired the damage done. Even with its increased powers the Destroyer was not powerful enough to fight eight Celestials at once, and was melted down.

Thor returned to find all the other Asgardians in deathlike comas. Thor was able to convince the other Skyfathers to help him restore Odin, and bravely confronted the Celestials on his own. Gaea and the other Skymothers were successful in recruiting the Young Gods, and presented them to the Host. The Celestials deemed humanity fit and left with the Young Gods.

The armor, however, was not completely ruined and several years later Loki reformed the armor in a bid to destroy a severely weakened Thor.[8] Thor, however, wrested control of the armor from the host - an enthralled Frost Giant named Siggorth – through sheer force of will and went on to defeat Loki and then the Death goddess Hela, who was forced to restore Thor to his true form.[9] The Destroyer was left in a crystal in Hela's realm, and was eventually animated by the goddess Lorelei. Lorelei battled several Asgardians and became trapped in the dimension of the Great Beasts.[10]

The Destroyer was later deployed by Trolls, who empowered it with the spirit of the Maestro, an evil version of the Hulk. Although the Hulk failed to defeat the Destroyer in combat, he was able to enter the Destroyer and fight the Maestro for control and defeat it from within.[11] Thor had two more encounters with the Destroyer, with the armor almost killing him on the first occasion and breaking his jaw on the second.[12][13] The armor was eventually retrieved by Loki and occupied by the entity Desak, although Thor - equipped with the Odin Power - decapitated it with one throw of Mjolnir.[14]

The armor was later under the control of the god Balder when Thor was on a quest to locate his missing brethren, the Asgardians.[15]


The Destroyer armor possesses numerous superhuman capabilities but only if the armor is inhabited by the spirit of a sentient being. While some of the powers might vary, depending upon the spirit inhabiting the armor, they are primarily the same for any.

Energy Projection: The Destroyer armor is capable of firing extremely powerful bolts of energy, primarily for destructive purposes. It has such power that the energy it crackles within can shatter planets[20]. The armor can project beams of intense heat, electricity, plasma, anti-matter and magnetic force. The armor is also capable of manipulating the molecular structure of most materials and matter itself for a variety of purposes including but not limited to, transmutation. Its most devastating weapon, however, is a beam fired from the armor's helmet, where a person's face would be in an ordinary suit of armor, that is capable of disintegrating practically any known substance in existence. The Destroyer must keep its visor open in order to build up the energies to use in this attack. The beam is even capable of destroying material as durable as Uru.


The Destroyer is programmed solely for battle and destruction. Only a very strong spirit can resist its programming and act on their own free will such as Thor or Odin.

Strength level

Class 100+. Its strength varies depending on how powerful the person animating it is.


While the armor itself has no weaknesses, the spirit inhabiting the armor will begin to grow more progressively violent while spending extended periods of time within the armor. Also, after a time, it becomes nearly impossible for an inhabiting spirit to maintain control over the armor while attempting to use it for non-violent purposes in non-combat situations. In time, the armor itself will dominate the inhabiting life force. Only a being of extreme willpower is able to hold control over the armor such as Thor or Odin.

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