Original Comic Art By Mark Texeira Punisher Nightmare #1 Page 1

3221 Oakwood Blvd S Sarasota, FL
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Another prized possession. Picked up this original comic art for Punisher Nightmare #1 page 1 from Mark Texeira at Fan Boy Expo Lakeland 3/12/16. He was signing and sketching for free and was able to get a bunch of his Punisher covers signed. Noticed this in his portfolio as I waited. Chatted with him and was able to get it at a great price but still the most expensive piece of art I've ever purchased (wife wasn't that impressed on what I spent though 😜 love her). He proceeded to sketch an amazing Punisher on the back for me as I watched. "Let It Go" from Frozen was playing the n the background thus Punisher's speech bubble.


Amazing piece and great story!

187 1 2


3221 Oakwood Blvd S
Sarasota, FL


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