Original NeckFace Style Watercolor Painting

31400 Corte Sonora Temecula, CA
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NeckFace style watercolor painting
One of a kind NeckFace replica; hand-painted with no signature from artist.
Cult icon & skateboard graffiti artist; NeckFace. Internationally known & shown at prestigious galleries, his original paintings go for hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Framed in wood, purchased with minor wear and scuffs about 5 years ago from unknown artist. Dimensions are 15"x12"
#neckface #skateboard #watercolor #funky #gore #bright #bat #original #art #Painting


Haha so cool!!!!!


@corinnecy Interesting! Any idea what the inspiration for the piece was?


@harpermoore I agree, that's why I bought it in the first place! The style is fun and funky! :P


I like this! The details are really impressive especially considering that it was done in watercolor

11 0 3


31400 Corte Sonora
Temecula, CA


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