Platinum 5 Star Dog Feeders (New)

302–304 W Franklin St Baltimore, MD
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Platinum Pets 5 Star Modern Solid Acrylic Dog Feeder with 2 Extra Heavy 1-Quart Pink Bowls- This in vogue, versatile design of the Five-Star Modern Acrylic Feeder is sure to impress any room. This sturdy feeder is made of 3/4 inch thick acrylic, making it suitable for inside or outdoor use. The smooth line design is the perfect compliment to any decor. The two Extra-Heavy Bowls are powder coated in pink. Its perfect combination of quality craftsmanship and simple, sophisticated colorful design will instantly enhance your living space. Your pet's meal should always feel like a Five-Star meal.

3/4" Thick Solid Acrylic Feeder, Stands at 8" High with Anti-Scratch Cushioned Feet, 21" inches in length, and 10.25" inches in width.
Two 1 Quart Stainless Steel Extra-Heavy Bowls- Powder coated, Chip-Resistant and Dishwasher Safe (6.75" inches length & 2.50" inches in height)
Available in Large
Shipping Weight: 12.8 pounds# #Dogs #DogSupplies

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302–304 W Franklin St
Baltimore, MD


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