Secret Invasion Vol. 1 #8 of 8 (2009)

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Part of the 'Secret Invasion' event.

Contains the story "Secret Invasion: Finale"

Synopsis (contains spoilers):
The heroes and villains of Earth make their final stand against the #Skrulls in Central Park. #JanetvanDyne is turned into a chemical bomb that repels the last of the Skrull invaders, killing herself in the process. #NormanOsborn kills the Skrull queen. As the #SecretInvasion comes to an end, the missing heroes who had been replaced by Skrull impostors return to Earth.

The real #Mockingbird returns to Earth after having been a captive of the Skrull Empire for many years. She reunites with her ex-husband #ClintBarton. Also, the real #SueRichards reconnects with her family.

#JessicaJones comes to the startling realization that she left her child in the care of the #EdwinJarvis skrull.

In light of #TonyStark's failures concerning the Skrull invasion, the President of the United States removes him as the director of #SHIELD and disbands the entire organization. Norman Osborn is selected to assume his duties as the director of the new #ThunderboltsInitiative. Nobody knows that Osborn is also collaborating with several other disreputable characters for the forthcoming "#DarkReign".

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Sweet comic. P.S. Wolverine and Thor look badass.

37 1 0


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