Skellateena Ballareena Assemblage Girl

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Here we have the lovely Skelleteena Ballereena. She loves twirling. And gossiping. Her head is early 1900s Armand Marseille porcelain with vintage German glass eyeballs with a touch of 22k gold leaf and a touch of glaucoma. Giant mix n match rhinestone earrings.
I have Skelleteena Ballereena's pink weave twisted and braided today. However, it can alway be taken down and fashioned into any style you'd like. Just pull out her hair pics which are vintage appetizer sticks and a skull swizzle cocktail stir that has been painted and adorned with 2 silver butterfly wings that I picked off an old brooch and painted - they look now like rabbit ears. An accidental treat. Her neck scarf highlights her favourite rose brooch which is enamel and has a pink rhinestone in the center.
Skelleteena Ballereena's body consists of the top of what used to be an old German clock. I have painted on it and it houses a Siamese kitty, a vintage plastic soldier and an amputee cyclops ballerina. Pale yellow roses set it off from the bottom, which is an old candy tin, covered with ballerinas which I painted and sanded. She also has a music box in there with a winder that pokes out and can play a tune for twirling. I used pink tool for her tutu and hair bow. I kinda shredded it and painted on it for drama.
At Skelleteena Ballereena's waistline you can spot a jumbo rhinestone, a lovely silk flower and a Laura Palmer pin. Skelleteena Ballereena killed her. Her legs are giant beads and old wooden factory spools - painted and sanded. Fishing weights hang as her slippers - painted pink and glittered. .
Her arms are very old bisque and leather Morimura doll arms from Japan and are jointed at the elbow. They are also painted and embellished. She wears a wire bracelet that we made together. It has amazing dingle dangles.
Also wire, beads, oil pastel, industrial strength resin and some other stuff. Skeleteena is just over 30 inches tall and has her own hanging kit. For twirling.
Enjoy, Paul
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@cain Thank you Cain




I love your work. Very creative and uniqye


Her hair is awesome!


@clark_sutherland thank ya!

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7777 E 1st Pl
Denver, CO


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