Star-Lord ❤️ Kitty Pryde / David Marquez Eccc 2016

31427 31st Ave SW Federal Way, WA
365 3 8

This is my very own exclusive drawing by the hands of David Marquez from Seattle emerald city comicon

He was awesome - kind - and very cool to be around and it was nice of him to take my request to draw this for me
I will never forget this opportunity and honor to meet this guy...

Update: I will show you guys all the signature and comics sign I got from people every slowly...
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I still want to do my giveaways and I have a lot stuff I want to give out... I still need your support

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YouTube: deancollects - Dean Cordy

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@ant dude thank you, I am going to check it out.


@deancollects for good, cheap frames, sign up for Michaels newsletter. They constantly do 50-70% off frames. I get all of mine from there.


He skilled this drawing




Good shit dude, it looks good


Damn man that was nice of him. It's an awesome drawing.


I need help finding frames for all the stuff I got from Eccc2016

365 3 8


31427 31st Ave SW
Federal Way, WA


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