Star Wars Queens Gambit Board Game

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A fantastic recreation of the action scenes of Episode One, including;

- Battle of Naboo - ground and Space battles
- Storming Theed Palace
- Protecting the identity of the real Queen
- A fight to the death between Jedi and Sith

Includes two Padme figures, Captain Panaka, Qui Gon Jin, Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, two Viceroys, Anakkin and Naboo Starfighter, entire armies of Gungans, battle droids, destroyer droids and plenty of artillery!

Fast, furious and well balanced, this 2 player board gameis one of my favourites.
And sadly discontinued

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Cant go wrong with anything star wars lol


This sounds pretty badass. Would love to play.

278 1 6


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