The Dark Knight (Returns) Store Promo 3D Frank Miller

833 Seymour St Vancouver, Canada
190 1 3

Batman - The Dark Knight Returns 3D store display promo prop up plastic poster! Try saying that 3 times fast haha! Frank Miller, DC Comics, 1985! Very RARE! Never opened on the back either! The only one I could find, sold on E-Bay for $190!

This is what was used in comic book stores to promote The Dark Knight Returns mini series when it first came out, pretty cool! I bet so many were just discarded and thrown away!
We are selling ours for $150. A great addition to any Batman collection! #deadheadcomicsSALE


Wow this is incredible! I'm surprised people didn't keep them honestly

190 1 3


833 Seymour St
Vancouver, Canada


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