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"Lady Lorraine" New Assemblage Piece ~
I have just finished up Lady Lorraine. Her skirt was fashioned from a antique bird cage. I partially filled it with coordinating hand dyed feathers. Two vintage spun cotton bird friends are perched inside in lovely shades of blue. One is wearing a small musical origami crown. Lorraine's body is a pained can that I also decoupaged with some wonderful imagery. Her arms are rare, leather and porcelain, jointed, vintage Japanese Morimura doll arms which I painted on and attached with wire and beads. Painted 80's pins! Classy! A rosary braclet dangles from Lorraine's wrist.
Lorraine's porcelain head is vintage Morimura which I drew upon with graphite, painted her lips and added a variety of vintage blown glass eyes (with dramatic micro-bead eyeshadow added as well). Her head wrap is covered with a multitude of cut paper flowers. They have been set and hardened with matte medium and spray. Very dramatic. Plastic 1960's pink chandelier earrings dangle next to Lorraine's lovely face which match her pink plastic flower with eyeballs hair piece and the pink rose with rhinestone enamel brooch that highlights her lovely neck
For Lorraine's hair. These dreads were a new process for me. These are merino, silk and flax variegated dreads. GORGEOUS! Very soft to the touch and really just stunning. I did two piggy tails on top for drama but left the rest to hang down Lorraine's back.
There is just so much going on here and I will post Lady Lorraine's full album with details either later today or tomorrow. She stands just over two feet tall.
Enjoy~ Paul
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You never disappoint!


Stunning ­čśŹ


Holy crap this looks crazy cool


Wow this is beautiful

120 3 2


101 Spruce St
Denver, CO


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