Throttlebots トランスフォーマー

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The Throttlebots are a team of six (or sometimes seven) Autobots, who share a common transformation scheme. Though they are far from the most powerful Autobots around, they are noted for their speed and agility. They often serve as couriers, spies, scouts and saboteurs.
The Throttlebots are...
Chase—eager and superficially friendly; red Ferrari Testarossa
Freeway—thin-skinned comedian; blue Chevrolet Corvette C4
Goldbug—rebuilt form of Bumblebee; gold Volkswagen Beetle
Goldbug—in one universe, Goldbug is his own individual
Rollbar—hard-driving and macho tracker; green Jeep CJ-7
Searchlight—quiet and reclusive scout; white Ford RS200
Wideload—vain and narcissistic; orange mining dump truck

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