Uncanny Avengers #13

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Banshee, one of the Four Horsemen of Death, flies through a Clan Akkaba settlement, with Havok as his prisoner. He drops Havok into a building. The Wasp intervenes and fries Banshee’s vocal chords, enabling Havok to take Banshee out. They are reunited with Captain America, who is still deafened after Banshee’s earlier attack. The trio use a portal to transport themselves to the Ark, where they make their next plan. The Wasp makes a pass at Havok before they split up as she goes to dismantle the energy Immortus mentioned to them. In the Akkaba Nebula, Thor recovers from his defeat at the hands of the Sentry, just in time to summon the ocean of another world to the planet he is currently on to use it to put out the gamma lava that is coursing through the city, endangering billions of lives. He is successful in his plight.

Aboard the Ark, the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man dine with the Apocalypse Twins, who further discuss the necessity for the Scarlet Witch to cast a spell to bring about the mutant rapture. Wolverine continues to suffer at the fists of his son, who has beaten Wolverine to a bloody mess. Daken reveals to Wolverine that Sabretooth set him up to kill him, and that he filmed it - which, among more of Wolverine’s choices, has helped the Red Skull push forward his campaign of hate. The Apocalypse Twins appear before Wolverine and inform him about the rapture that the Scarlet Witch will bring about. Wolverine believes that she would never help them. The Wasp locates the energy Immortus was referring to, while thinking about the Avengers Unity squad and their current predicament, but is soon confronted by the Sentry. Captain America and Havok make their way through the Ark, and soon come across a statue of the Apocalypse Twins with their hands linked. Captain America remembers something that Immortus said to him -”once divided all is lost”. Both Captain America and Havok thought Immortus was referring to the Unity team, and wonder if instead he was telling them how to defeat the Twins.

The Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man share a tender moment as they try to deal with the task before them, while the Scarlet Witch quietly tells Wonder Man that they are not going to do what the Twins want, instead she has another to take them down. Wonder Man tells the Scarlet Witch that he knew she had another plan, then they make love. Rogue and Sunfire soon come across Wolverine. He reveals to them what he learned about being set up regarding killing his son and other actions, before informing Rogue that the Scarlet Witch is going to cast a new spell that will undo everything they have worked for. Rogue touches Wolverine, absorbing his power, before Wolverine passes out. Rogue and Sunfire then head off through the Ark to find the Scarlet Witch, with Rogue pleased she will stop her once and for all.

94 0 1


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