Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #476 (2006)

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Part of the 'The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire' event.

Contains the story, "The Things They Left Behind".

Synopsis (may contain spoilers):
A few of the newly recruited #XMen are clearing the access tunnels of a lifeless volcano in upstate New York. Whilst in the jet above them, #MarvelGirl acts as #Xavier's "telepathic hands" by absorbing flight training from his mind. Earlier that morning, #Cyclops had argued with Xavier over #Darwin being recruited on the mission to #Shiar space. Darwin's former teammate, #Vulcan, inconsolably hates the Professor because of his reckless attitude and abandonment of their "secret team" (See X-Men - Deadly Genesis). In any case, the team (including Darwin) travel to a hidden Shi'ar base once occupied by #DavanShakari. As they enter the structure, a group of #ImperialShockers, programmed to exterminate all intruders, awaken. The Shockers fire a collapsing energy field at #Polaris, but with much pain and difficulty, #Havok is able to absorb the energy from her body. Marvel Girl then enters one of her opponents' minds, only to discover that they were once experimented upon as Shi'ar prisoners and subconsciously want to die. #Warpath decides to assist them by proceeding to slay two more Shockers. The last one creeps up behind Xavier, but before Xavier is attacked Darwin pounces on the creature, sending them both crashing through a glass window. The impact of the fall kills the Shocker, but Darwin adapts to land safely beside him. The team then board a Shi'ar star cruiser and travel through a previously undisclosed Stargate just beyond the moon. However, once starbound, they find that Vulcan has destroyed the remaining jumpgates and that they are now stranded in space.
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