What It Means To Be White Sox Book Signed

401–499 Kavalier Ct Schaumburg, IL
75 1 0

Blank pages in the front of the book signed by

Nate Jones
John Danks
Alex Avila
Jose Quintana
Tyler Flowers
Michael Huff
Dan Jennings
Ozzie Guillen
Kirk McCaskill
Geoff Blum
Ronnie Woo Woo inscription Go Cubs

Page 10 Minnie Minoso
Page 38 Gary Peters
Page 89 Bill Melton
Page 94 Carlos May
Page 110 Roland Hemond
Page 122 Steve Stone
Page 142 Ed Farmer
Page 149 Alexei Ramirez
Page 173 Harold Baines
Page 191 Tom Paciorek
Page 204 Ron Kittle
Page 239 Robin Ventura
Page 259 Darrin Jackson
Page 285 Don Cooper
Page 298 Scott Podsednik




Wow thats a lot of autographs lol

75 1 0


401–499 Kavalier Ct
Schaumburg, IL


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