Tapestry Art. 61x44 Inches.

Minden, NV
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ONLY! Serious applicants PLS?
I purchased this Pc of Art @ an estate sale some yrs ago out of Rocklin,Ca. It was hanging over fireplace; daughter in her 60's said. " You like Sir? I said 'I'm sure I can't afford.'". The owner of this Victorian home was the mother of a famous Writer whom bought art, furniture, & other interesting, rare 'things', that Mom showed or hinted on MaBell , or within the long forgotten art of "Letter Writing", when able to converse with her famous son. Btwn NY & LA.
I would state his name, but not sure of legalese; so Ill reframe for now.
I was in a very 'Dark' place when I gave in to temptation & bought. So, I had a dealer wrap, I put in storage, and forgot.... even what painting was of.....
Looking for people who can suggest how to sell w/out being taken. No time to research. Not normally a seller of antiques, only collector for my children's benefit many more moons from now.

1Mar. Update: not a painting but actually a (framed tapestry?)
I'm not sure what else to call this beautiful piece?? I don't see a signature but assume it may be below frame or on back. Problem is, it's been professionally framed, so not sure what to do.
Anyone still have an interest?
Advice will be appreciated as well. Will sell to serious buyer. Don't see signature on exposed art. Can't check back bc of excl frame wk. any further suggestions?


Wow its beautiful

10 1 1


Minden, NV


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