2XU Women's Long Sleeve Top Size L

120–298 Golden Rod Ln Henrietta, NY
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The 2XU Short Sleeve Compression Top is engineered for muscle containment and supporting the upper body, shoulders and core region allowing better maintenance of posture, improved breathing and agility while training and competing. Constructed to provide power and muscle protection while being flexible to ensure unrestricted mobility. The design and cut of this top with mesh panels provides maximum breathability and strength to the core of the body.

Powerful 70 Denier fabric supports the upper body, shoulders and core
Muscle Containment for reduced vibration & oscillation, less muscle fatigue & damage
Maintains better postural position and improves breathing and agility
Mesh paneling for increased ventilation and breathability
Medical Circular knit construction for 360 degree consistent yet powerful pressure
Invista LYCRA® for Certified Gradient Compression
Moisture Wicking
Antibacterial & SPF 50 Sun protection
Breathable & Lightweight

Training & Competition
Aerobic Sports
General Sports
Paddle & Water Sports
Outdoors Sports - Climbing, Hiking

16 0 0


120–298 Golden Rod Ln
Henrietta, NY


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