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A huge thank you to everyone who has followed, liked and reposted my eclectic mix of stuff so far over the last 2 months 👍

Hopefully I can continue to keep fellow 'Boxers' interested with things to come. So if you aren't already following I have small and large collections spanning;

- Godzilla memorabilia and monster movies
- a couple of thousand SF and fantasy books
- RPGs
- Board games
- amiibos
- pulp magazines
- star wars figures, pewter models and autographs
- a many thousand strong Star Wars CCG collection
- 200ish Dragonlance novels
- star wars comics
- action figures from games and films
- dvds and blu rays
- custom mugs
- signed literature
- trading cards
- miniatures
- original film POS
- some anime
- He-Man and other nostalgia from 80's/90's

If you enjoy any of these, hit that follow button and I will try and dig out as much interesting stuff as I can

Shout outs to @stoner for introducing me to the app and @samspops11 for creative editing advice. And to @mbg1211 for his inspiring WWE album.

And watch out for Randy Orton. You never know when he might hit an RKO outta nowhere...


damn that was fast lol


thats so great


congratulations man


Thanks guys 👍


gotta love the boxes community, am I right


Congrats :)


Well done!!

418 2 6


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