New Boxes Competition🏆Winner gets up to $500 cash!

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The new Boxes 3-Peat Competition starts today! Like last week's 3-Peat, this is an all new competition designed so that everyone can compete. We’ll be giving away $500 cash to the winners until the end of the month. See the details below or read more about it here

Competition Details:

Each week we will run 3 new competitions at the same time and each competition will have its own winner. That’s 3 individual winners and win up to $500 cash each week until the end of the month! This is the final week competition for the month and it will run April 24-30, 2016.

Competition 1:
Whoever adds the most items from their personal collection wins $200 cash! It's that simple!

Competition 2:
The person with the 30 most popular items (new or existing) wins $200 cash! You get 1 point for each Like, each Wish List add, and each Repost your items receive. Whoever has the most points from their 30 most popular items wins the cash. Add interesting items, take great photography, and encourage others to like your stuff so you can win.

Competition 3:
Whoever shares the most items whether it be yours or someone else's to another social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will get 1 point per share. The person with the most share points wins $100 cash!

👇The rules are easy and are meant to make the competition fair and fun for everyone:👇

- Don’t add the same items more than once.
- Items must be from your personal collection and cannot be someone else’s.
- Don’t remove items already added to Boxes and add them again for the competition.
- Be fair and don’t dismantle or separate components of your items. (For example, pieces and parts of figures or board games.) In most cases it's needed to individualize items, but only where applicable.
- Make sure you place your items into the proper categories (i.e. DVDs should not be in Toys).

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I'm terrible at this stuff, I've never won anything in my life lol, good luck everyone 🍾




Good luck everyone 😄


I really feel like these competitions bring the community closer together. Excited to see how this turns out.


@boxeseditor you guys are the best!


I can't wait to see who wins


Those prizes 😳


Awesome! I wish everyone the best go luck.


Boxes community killing it with these competitions. Keep up the great work @boxeseditor


Good luck to everyone 👍🏻

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