Early 1900's BPOE Paper Flag Stickpin

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"Hello Bill!" A cheerful hello that started within the BPOE* organization in 1897 in Minneapolis. Members and newbies were being routed to an elder Elk named Bill for questions so often, that he was constantly being greeted with "Hello Bill! I was told to come see you!" It seemed as though everyone was being sent to see Bill, so a lot of people were saying "Hello Bill!" Throughout the day. Since it was repeated sooooo much, everyone started saying it to eachother jokingly. It caught on and spread around the country as the Elks greeting, whether your name was Bill or not. :) It was just fun to say, and got a chuckle out if everyone. This paper flag stickpin is a way for it to be said as well. Members could wear this in their scarf, hat, pocket, etc.

* BPOE = Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks - a fraternal organization also known as Elks, The Elks Club, Order of Elks, or Elks Lodge.

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