Creature Replica's Himalayan Yeti

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The legendary Dzu-Teh or Yeti, abominable Snowman of the peaks and frozen wastes of the Himalayas is depicted as in Tibetan myth and Sherpa sightings at 8 ¼” tall, with 19 points of articulation, and a frozen base of ice with a Himalayan tahr skull buried in the snow.

Awesome figure. The quality, sculpt, and articulation is what make these amazing figures standout of all the other figures I own. The weight of the figure alone shows that this is a top quality figure. The figure is about 8 inches tall and comes with a great display stand to pose him on. Highly recommend it if your an action figure/horror genre fan.

The mythical Yeti is a mysterious and unknown creature that has long inhabited the remote and mostly uninhabited Himalayan Mountains, including Mount Everest, in central Asia, including Nepal, Tibet, China, and southern Russia. This almost supernatural and legendary being is an erect bipedal animal that is over six feet tall, weighs between 200 and 400 pounds, is covered with red to gray hair, makes a whistling sound, has a bad smell, and is usually nocturnal and secretive.

Yetis are Mythological Figures

The Yeti has long been a revered figure in Himalayan mythology that predates Buddhism. The various peoples inhabiting Tibet and Nepal in the heart of the lofty range, which includes Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain, do not see the Yeti as a proto-human type of creature but instead a man-like animal that seems to exist with supranatural powers. The Yeti comes and goes like a hairy ghost, just showing up rather than being found by tracking. Some stories tell of it flying in the air; killing goats and other livestock; kidnapping young women who are taken back to a cave to rear children; and throwing stones at humans.
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86 1 1


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