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30 packages/box 36gram/packages
-two flavours -original
-orange flavour.
❤️Soygreen is high fibre nutrition❤️
✔️It contains a variety of fruits and vegetables to provide nutrients such as banana, citrus fruit, broccoli, spinach, peas, lettuce, carrot leaf, asparagus, kale, green pepper, romaine lettuce and mustard leaf.
✔️also contains soybean and psyllium seed.
✔️perfect for adults and children who doesn’t like to eat vegetables.
– high protein, low calorie, help to control weight
– improve the process of fat decomposition to weight loss.
– Rich in soy isoflavones which are proven to prevent osteoporosis.
– Reduce the symptoms of menopause.
– Reduce the risk of breast cancer.

– high protein, low calorie, help to prevent muscle loss
– provide rich nutrients, makes your skin looks radiant
– High fibre that helps to control body weight

– Rich in variety nutrients of fruits and vegetables for child’s growth
– Contain high protein to develop body without growing fat

– Soy isoflavones can prevent osteoporosis
– Lower cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease
– Prevent cancer cells and various type of cancer

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