Heap 3

Montréal, Canada
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Acrylic on canvas 20x24"

Hello everyone and happy new year!!!

I'm back in the studio with so many ideas I can't wait to paint and paint and paint!!

I just finished this one from the Heap series. I will show this series at an exhibition in Montreal next spring so I'm working very hard on it.

Working with organic shapes and bright colors make me happy but it is also a challenge to find the good balance between the shapes and the colors. I love when painting challenges me.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for you comments!

Have a bright and shiny day, be positive and smile!!

* If you're interested in buying one of my paintings, please send me a message. I ship worldwide.

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*** Feel free to ask any questions!! :) We can both learn from it!

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@fletcherrr thank you so much!


Love the colors you use


@ccooper so true!! 😀🍬🍬🍬


Reminds me of Jelly Beans :)

109 1 1


Montréal, Canada


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