NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Quarter Scale Leonardo

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Color: Blue

Weapons: Katana; Shoto; Grappling Hook; Smoke Bombs; Ninja Glider

Named After: Leonardo da Vinci

Meaning: Strong as a Lion

Personality: Strong Leader

As leader and eldest brother, Leonardo is in charge of strategy and maintaining the order between his brothers. He is the most dependable turtle in battle, and provides a strong example for the others, always willing to be a part of the action. But every day he grows more accustomed to giving out orders as well, helping his brothers act as a unit, harnessing their strengths for the greater good. Though often at odds with Raphael, Leo pushes through the trouble, and continues to expect the best from his team. Through years of training, Leonardo stands ready to protect everyone he loves, and would gladly lay down his life if so required.

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#hellboy I have Donny, Raphael, and Leo. All I need is Michelangelo, which comes out in September. To complete the se. Also have another set mint in boxes.


Would love to see these in person. I'm a Donny fan though.

255 1 3


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