Funko Pop! 117 Poe Dameron (Hot Topic Exclusive)

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Part of the big push for #StarWars: Episode VII, #FunkoPop Star Wars #TheForceAwakens vinyl figures offer a detailed look at the movie and key characters. Plenty of figures are available in the main set and there are also multiple exclusives that add to that amount.

Among the initial group, fans and collectors will instantly recognize the options for #Chewbacca and #C3PO, who both appear in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens set. The red arm on C-3PO immediately stands out. The rest of the set is comprised of new characters, many of whom make their debut in TFA.

#CaptainPhasma leads the #FirstOrder's troopers with vivid metallic armor. #KyloRen sports a menacing look as a dark warrior. #Rey and #Finn feature a more casual look. Already a fan favorite, the soccer ball droid #BB8 also gets in on the action. #PoeDameron, renowned for his X-Wing abilities, wears his pilot's gear. Finally, the various stormtroopers are covered with three different figures.

There are also quite a few Funko Pop Star Wars-The Force Awakens figures that are exclusive to certain retail outlets or subscriptions services. Specifics are noted for each figure.

While these all cover Episode 7, the 3 3/4" figures are numbered as part of the main Star Wars line. The larger line fills in the numbering gaps with coverage for many of the other films in the franchise.

Following the release of the movie, more TFA figures have been offered, including main options and exclusives. All known Funko Pop Star Wars-The Force Awakens figures are listed below.

58 Rey
59 Finn
60 Kylo Ren
61 BB-8
62 Poe Dameron
63 Chewbacca
63 Chewbacca (Flocked) - Smuggler's Bounty
64 C-3PO
64 C-3PO (Metallic) - Barnes & Noble
65 Captain Phasma
66 #FirstOrderStormtrooper
67 #FirstOrderSnowtrooper
68 #FirstOrderFlametrooper
72 Poe Dameron - WalMart
73 Rey w/ Goggles - Hot Topic
74 First Order Stormtrooper w/ Gun - Amazon
75 First Order Stormtrooper w/ Shield - Walgreens
76 Finn as Stormtrooper (Gamestop)
77 Kylo Ren w/o Hood (Target)
79 Han Solo
80 #PrincessLeia
81 #AdmiralAkbar
82 #NienNumb
83 #SidonIthano
84 #Varmik
85 Finn w/ Lightsaber - Barnes & Noble
86 Han Solo Snow Gear - LootCrate
87 Unmasked Kylo Ren - WalMart
88 Nien Numb w/ Helmet - GameStop
89 TIE Fighter Pilot - Smuggler's Bounty
90 TIE Fighter Pilot Red Stripe - Smuggler's Bounty
91 Captain Phasma Chrome - Smuggler's Bounty
100 FN-2187 (Bloody Handprint) - Target
104 Rey w/ lightsaber
105 Kylo Ren w/ lightsaber
106 #LukeSkywalker
107 #GeneralLeia
108 #MazKanata
109 #GeneralHux
110 #SnapWexley
111 #FN2199
112 #Guavian
113 #ME809
114 Rey handing lightsaber - Walgreens
115 Han Solo w/ Chewbacca Bowcaster - 2016 SDCC
116 BB-8 Thumbs Up - 2016 SDCC
117 Poe Dameron w/ gun - Hot Topic
118 Maz Kanata glasses up w/ lightsaber - Target
119 Rey w/ helmet and doll - GameStop
120 Poe Dameron all-orange jumpsuit - FYE

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