Celtic Protection Runes On A Women's Wallet By Me

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DOUBLE ZIPPER CLUTCH WALLET with wrist strap, BLACK – Celtic knobs and

Another beautiful Celtic protection symbols and knobs. Black background, 2 zipper wallet with copper, gold and brown accents.... Lots of details in a hand painted, registered art, one of a kind original clutch wallet!
This compass design is called "Vegvisir" and the it is said that - "if this sign is carried, one will never lose one's way in storms, even when the way is not known" and it is encirled with protection runes' symbols.

This hand painted double zipper wallet comes with an interior zippered pocket, 4 checks/ bank note pockets, 8 credit cards/ ID/ DRIVER"S license pockets.

All my designs are one of a kind. We strongly believe that each woman ( of course each man as well:) ) must have unique accessories to compliment her own uniqueness!

-Life should be joyful and the colors always are bringing joy. Choose carefully your accessories and dare to put color into your life !

7.5 by 4 by 2 inches
2 Zipper closure
Textured faux leather
Inside lining with open/zip pockets
Credit card holders
8 inch detachable wrist band
VEGAN materials

Hand-Painted in San Diego, Ca
by Emmanuel Saltis

*The colors used will not crack or peel. Please only use water-dump soft towel for clean up. AVOID cleaning your wallet ( like any leather accessories) with bleach, alcohol, nail polish remover, or petroleum products.
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135 0 1


4639 30th St
San Diego, CA


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