Boxes Partners with PayPal and Introduces 
New Ways to Discover Collections

Boxes works with PayPal to add worldwide transaction support for buyers and sellers.

New York, NY (April 4, 2016) – Boxes, the largest online community for collectors, recently partnered with PayPal to offer transaction support to both buyers and sellers around the world. Now transactions can take place across different continents and in 21 different currencies.

In addition, Boxes has introduced new ways for its community to discover collections with newly designed instant search features and new ways to find content tailored to a person’s interests. You can find these new features in the latest update available today for iPhone via

With over $125 million in items added by the community, Boxes has become a destination for collectors to spend their time discovering incredible content and a place to socialize with the community for hours per day.

“As the community increasingly grows and people continue to add their collections, it was very important for us to enhance the experience. Serving content according to people’s interests and activity will certainly make things more enjoyable,” said Founder and CEO Solomon Engel.

“There have been hundreds of thousands of items added since August 2015, so we needed to make sure anyone can buy or sell on the platform no matter where they’re located in the world. With PayPal’s worldwide presence, there couldn’t be a better company to partner with,” continued Engel.

In a first for Boxes, the all new instant search features bring items on sale at the forefront of search results with the ability to filter down by category, price, and whether items are on sale or not. This allows people to find exactly what they are looking for increasing the number of transactions within the Boxes’ marketplace.

The all new discovery area displays items that are relevant to a person based on various pieces of data collected during their use of Boxes. That same data will help Boxes improve the user experience going forward as new features get built.

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