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Peek Into Coco Austin’s Immense Shoe Collection and What Started It All

Amber McKynzie
March 09, 2016 18

At 10 years old, most little girls dream about becoming a princess or movie star. But who could have guessed a beautiful, then dark-haired, brown-eyed tomboy would be fascinated with maintaining a shoe empire before she even knew what the word meant. In this case, it was a pre-teened Coco Austin that found her love for shoes before she even had a chance to finish her elementary school days filled with the typical art, math, and science classes plaguing most children her age. Most people reading this are probably wondering what type of shoe collection can spawn from a 10-year-old girl who likes to play in the dirt with the boys. But if you take a walk into Coco’s two-bedroom closet then the answer is simple. Just take a look at the four walls full of shoes—heels, wedges, platforms, and even tennis shoes—lined from floor to ceiling, literally.

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