London Artist Ben Jeffery Ignited His Dream With A Friendly Competition

Jon Linder
September 18, 2015 12

Like most kids growing up in Northern London, Ben Jeffery picked up his first pencil at a very young age and began to experiment. Almost immediately he could feel it in his hand and in his heart; he loved art and wanted to create as much as possible. “I used to get really excited when I got an art project in school.” said Ben. “I couldn’t wait to do it and bring it back to school the next day.” Picture after picture, his personal collection kept growing and friends and family were fascinated with his drawings. Their reactions showed Ben he truly had a gift but it wasn’t until high school when a random conversation with his friends turned into a life-changing challenge. It was then that this young artist found a confidence in himself that would lead him on a lesson-filled journey where he would discover his own style and his own place in the United Kingdom art scene.

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